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Whatever your needs for WEB design - whether for a personal page, a blog, a new home business, or finally putting your longtime existing business on the Internet at last - we can give you the knowledge of what your options are. We can also advise you on optimizing your site for increased traffic once it is online. 

Also, our latest endeavors have been into podcasting - a way for almost anyone to enter the "broadcast" medium, without a heavy financial commitment.  This is a relatively inexpensive way to include both audio and video, and achieve a truly "multi-media" experience on your site - as well as opening more advertisement options to you. As an example of this, here is a link to the website podcast page, and here also are 5 other sites where an RSS feed allows these same files to be accessed from a different site:


Before you commit to an expensive contract to host your new site, there are some things to consider. Depending on what you want your new site to do, you probably don't have to spend all outdoors just to have that WEB presence.

However, if you are looking to build a mostly Internet based e-commerce business, we can show you how your money will be better spent optimizing your site to increase the traffic to your site.

A few good examples of our recent work are a Camden area site featuring a chartered sailing sloop the "Sagacious", the local Benedicta-Maine.com site, and  check out one of our latest sites featuring Clark Lakeman A.K.A. "Waine Fromain" in his adventures at "The Backwards of Maine"! Also, check out these RSS feeds for more backwards adventures, as well as Cuz' 2 music CD's at these "oddcast" links here and here.

By far though, our most recent endeavors into multimedia audio and video have been in our recently acquired management and upgrade of the website and MySpace and YouTube sites for legendary Maine Blues guitarist Mark "Guitar" Miller. This three-way blast of videos, music and flash movies, slide shows and pictures is the new era for networking for any profession such as music, where everything is based on awareness of the craft and abilities of an artist. Speaking of artists, we are also working with another local artist to soon release her site based almost solely - like Clark Lakeman's site - on her own art, both for backgrounds and for navigation, purely watercolor and sketches of the local area. Very cool!


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